Kyle Mauldin

I have been building & fixing my entire life. From working on cars & remodeling my parents house to fabricating metal art & installing irrigation systems. In fact, I can build & fix just about anything around the house & yard. For the past 12 years I've been working construction in Silicon Valley doing mostly high end home remodels & upgrades. Unfortunately, due to long work hours & such a terrible commute, I was staying in San Jose` all week & only coming home to my family on weekends. They were missing me & the routine was making us miserable.
I am first a Father & Husband so being away from my family was torture. So... I decided to take a risk & make a change. With YOUR support I am now working locally in Solano & Yolo county.
In my free time I enjoy teaching my kids how to build & how to grow food in our huge vegetable garden. (We will have lots to share with YOU!) We also enjoy going on adventures to explore the outdoors. Camping in the mountains & day trips to the beach, we love it all.

I’ll do any kind of work you need, from small scale renovation to even the tiniest of tasks. I specialize in quality workmanship at affordable prices. I am a professional handyman, my work is satisfaction guaranteed.